Please feel free to browse testimonials from our treasured clients

Peter writes:

We can’t imagine our reception without Mike Lund and his staff. Local and sustainable agriculture is important to us. Food is important to us. We live in Brooklyn and couldn’t coordinate a tasting so it was a bit of a gamble, but boy did it pay off! He pulled together appetizers and a buffet from our disparate ideas — tacos, Polish food, ethically sourced meat — into the perfect meal.

The dressed-up taco bar featuring Polyface farm chicken was such a hit that people are still asking if we can get them the slaw recipe. The slaw! And my Eastern European family loved the pierogi appetizers so much they asked if his name is really Lund and not Lundski. All in all, he exceeded expectations.

Working with him was easy. We explained our ideals and not much else. “I’m Polish, we like tacos, and it has to be local.” Mike and his partner James crafted a wonderful menu from our vagueries without fuss. When a hurricane descended on our wedding weekend, raining us out of our dream vineyard ceremony and reception, Mike advised us and helped us rearrange the day to accommodate the poor weather. And he even treated us to lunch at LUNDch! He’s a true professional and eager to help make your dream wedding a reality.

And we cannot overlook the staff. Head server Jane led a courteous and helpful crew. They were fun, all smiles, and helped us out with some spare appetizers they had stashed away just in case we missed them during all the guest-greeting and hugging. The bartenders were fantastic as well. Thank you for making drinks strong enough to get me through my father’s toast.

Hire Mike Lund. We cannot say enough positive things about him, James, Jane, and everyone at Mike Lund Food. They love good ingredients, good food, and good service, and it shows.

P.S. Mike personally found our lost car keys. What other caterer can claim that? There we were, full and happy and newlywed, trying to find our keys, and he delivered. (They were behind a vase in the bathroom.)

Chris and Jade write:

My husband and I were super excited to host our wedding at the beautiful Stokesville Lodge and Campground. The beauty of the place came with the territory, but finding a special caterer for this event was quite a challenge! I kept finding caterers who were overpriced and frankly, nothing special. I refused to feel like my wedding was the scene out of a school cafeteria lunch! While the theme of our wedding was “Stokesville Under the Stars’ on a beautiful summer night and more on the casual side, we still wanted it to be elegant enough to be ‘wedding worthy’. Mike Lund was the perfect caterer! He was able to help us visualize and transform the huge amount of space into a cozy yet open feeling for the 200 adults and kids we had.


Although Stokesville had a lot of the basic amenities, Mike and his staff came out early and brought all their equipment and even decorated the tables which helped tie it all together. His staff was professional and super friendly and very much able to think on their feet and go with the flow when we had huge rainstorms come down! The food was simply delicious and we kept hearing people rave about it all night and even to this day when they talk about the wedding. They also did a great job perfectly cleaning and packaging all the food up…which was even better when the late night crowd dug in again! The kids food was perfect too…so much that we had to ‘fight off’ adults from eating their delicious mac and cheese. Mike Lund is not your ordinary caterer with chafing dishes. We felt like he fit seamlessly into the event and couldn’t have asked for a better caterer.

Claire writes:

I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience was working with Mike and his team during the preparation for and the day of our wedding. His creative input helped solidify my jumbled up ideas and his organized, efficient demeanor helped everything fall into place when I needed it most (I was a little frantic).
And he cooks, too. The food was perfect. It was elegant without the pretension. It was so delicious and everything I dreamed it to be and more. I loved that he sourced produce from local farms and made so much on sight to maximize flavor and freshness. All of my family and friends raved about the food. One guest exclaimed ” Not only is this the best food I’ve ever had at a wedding, it might be the best food I’ve ever had. Period!” Mike and his his staff were so friendly and professional and an integral aspect in achieving the most fun, relaxed and beautiful day and evening of my life. Thank you again, Mike!

Charlotte writes:

My husband and I are from New Orleans but wanted to get married on my aunt and uncle’s beautiful Charlottesville property. We are accustomed to excellent food–my husband is a suburb cook and we live in a foodie city. I considered various catering options and Mike Lund seemed to be the best fit for us. And we were absolutely THRILLED with the food, as were our guests. I don’t eat meat, but do eat seafood, eggs, and dairy, so hoped he’d have plenty of options for me. We always prefer to eat locally-sourced food and Mike was really great about sticking with that (I believe that’s part of his philosophy).


Mike put together a sample menu based on what I’d told him we wanted and it was absolutely perfect. I didn’t change a single thing (I am a perfectionist, so this is rare for me). The presentation was on point. The reception was outside, so not extremely formal, but we still wanted it to be elegant. Mike provided everything needed and indeed, the presentation was elegant but in keeping with an afternoon outdoor wedding theme. The food was so good that I included photographs of it in my wedding album as well as the entire written menu–because I want to remember those wonderful flavors forever. His staff was equally excellent. They anticipated the needs of the guests and appeared to effortlessly keep food and drinks flowing. I truly couldn’t have been more pleased and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Rachel writes:

Mike was a joy to work with and have be part of our wedding in such a big way. He truly incorporated every element we shared were important to us and made sure everyone included in the process was heard and comfortable. He is brilliant as an inventor and artist of food dishes. His food services were not only delicious but also so thought out and personal. They matched the other details of our wedding. We wanted a unique food experience for our wedding and we got that ten fold. His staff were wonderful, friendly, prompt, attentive, and professional. Mike truly went above and beyond our expectations and worked so hard to make such a memorable impact at our wedding.

WW Jamie writes:

There are no words to truly convey what an amazing decision it was to hire Mike to cater our wedding. Seriously, it was one of the best choices we made throughout the planning process. My husband and I are really into food, so it was a top priority to us that our menu reflect our style and culinary interests. Not only did we want delicious cuisine with high quality ingredients, but we also wanted a focus on local products. Lucky for us, Mike is all about sourcing local ingredients and helped us create a menu based on the in-season produce and seafood we could get locally at the time of our October wedding.

From the first time we met Mike, we knew he had to be our caterer. His food is absolutely incredible, and he is such a cool person to boot! He and his staff couldn’t have been more professional, polite, and friendly on the big day.

He helped us plan our dream wedding menu, and our family/friends are still raving about the food almost a year later. More than one guest told us that the “world’s smallest filet mignon”, which was one of our cocktail hour bites, was the best piece of meat they had ever eaten. Coming from avid carnivores, I think that says a lot.

Mike spoiled us at the tasting, he spoiled us at the wedding, and he spoiled us when we visited his restaurant, Lundch, a few weeks ago! If mouthwatering cuisine and an experienced, talented caterer is a priority for your wedding, you have to talk to Mike. After tasting his food, you’ll know why we recommend him to any and everyone!

Thank you, Mike, for giving us the best wedding cuisine imaginable! If we’re in need of a caterer in the future, you’re the one we’re calling!

Betsey writes:

Mike and his staff did an awesome job with our wedding! It was so fun creating a menu that was special and unique to us. He listened to what we wanted and worked with our budget. the food was one of the most important things to us and Mike understood our vision. we got married in the fall and our dinner used seasonal fresh ingredients. I interviewed other caterers who were unorganized. Some had a book of dishes I could pick from- but Mike made the menu specifically for us, he was on top of everything and very professional . We couldn’t recommend him and his team enough!!!

Ian writes:

Mike is a class act, and in a different league than pretty much all of the caterers we had contacted. He put together an amazing menu that to this day our guests still remark on. It was delicious and very unique. He sourced much from Virginia, including VA Serrano ham and ramps from WV. (The seasonal ramps really got the foodies excited!) We had the idea to do a hybrid buffet/dinner with courses/acts, which he embraced. There was a wonton soup station, the best mac n’ cheese I’ve ever eaten, local rockfish on perfect little mini-plates, and vegetables incorporated in the most creative ways. Advice for future couples is to really dream big and be creative with Mike. He is an artist with a very practical side, which is rare. I think he thrives on a challenge, and he delivered an epicly wonderful wedding catering experience for us that was truly flawless. Highest recommendation.

Emily writes:


Mike Lund did an absolutely AMAZING job catering our wedding. We had a few ideas about what we wanted, and Mike came up with some great options that we both loved! He even suggested that the morning of our wedding, he could go to the farmers market to purchase whatever vegetables looked good and grill them for our vegetarian guests. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

We can’t say enough wonderful things about Mike Lund. His food and service were hands down the highlight of our wedding reception. And we even came in under budget : )

Meredith writes:

Mike did a fantastic job of catering our wedding and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a caterer. He was very professional and easy to work with. He listened to our requests and came up with a unique and personalized menu that included lots of fresh and local ingredients. Mike was also very knowledgeable about our wedding venue, Barren Ridge Vineyards, which made planning go very smoothly for us. I did not have to stress about anything that Mike was in charge of! Mike Lund is definitely the right choice if you are looking for a quality caterer.

Elizabeth writes:

Mike Lund was absolutely incredible! He was completely aligned with our values surrounding food, quality, presentation and where to source it from. He purchased from farms I suggested and traveled to a beautiful bed and breakfast to prepare and serve it to our intimate wedding party and guests. He offered a package that worked with our budget and kept in close contact with me and with the innkeeper from our planning to the ceremony. Amazing experience! I HIGHLY recommend Mike Lund!